Due to Covid-19, all sessions are currently being done via Telehealth. Studies show that Telehealth is equally effective as in-person CBT therapy. I am also doing EMDR via Telehealth.

Therapy allows you to get a fresh perspective on something that's been bothering you in your life. Unlike speaking to a friend or family member, speaking to a therapist also grants you access to years of experience and research to help you understand and work through your emotions. 

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Individual Therapy

Ages 10+. Mental health and substance use

Why Therapy?

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

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Mental health and Substance use evaluations


It's the perfect time to create the life and relationships you want! I am here to help you make the changes you desire. Whether you are struggling with something new in your life, or are finally ready to tackle something that's been bothering you for a long time, you are capable of handling it.

Couples' Therapy

Alestin Ajlouny, LIMHP

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